Speech Part 2: Drafting


1st Point: Why do we try to fit in? The way we were made .

The way we were made and constructed plays a instrumental part in why we desperately try so hard to fit in. We live in this big scary world where we perceive that bad things our going to happen to us. And it’s not our fault that we perceive it this way. At the end of the day, you have to realize that were human, and we only have one life. So it’s not the worst thing taking precocious measures around life threatening situations that could possibility end the only life that you have. We were born for a purpose…survival. But for some reason, due to evolution of our brain development, us humans are hot wired to believe that not being social acceptance or not “fitting in” is a possible threat that could kill us.  No wonder we try so hard. Are mind and our bodies are only trying to keep us safe. 




2nd Point: The Fear of Society 



3rd Point: The Fear of being alone and being loved



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